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Make sure to accurately provide all the information requested: name, city, state of residence, phone number, and email. We also require—and this is mandatory—recent, full-body photographs of you.

All the information that you provide to California Escort Services is held in strict privacy. We will never divulge any of your information to anyone without your express permission.

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What Is an Escort?

An Escort is a talented, professional, and discreet lady companion, much like you, who provides entertainment, satisfaction, and companionship to high-end clients that choose to hire their services.

Escorts are usually hired for any number of reasons. Escorts make excellent dining companions, guides for visiting clients, yachting companions, theatre and art gallery companions, and so much more! The primary aim is to leave the client happy and satisfied and willing to use more services in the future.

Being an Escort is a great way to earn quite an income that can help you achieve both your business and personal goals. It’s a fantastic, safe, and convenient way to travel, have fun, and see the world with professional, wealthy, and high-profile clients from Los Angeles and beyond. The people you’ll meet—and the experiences you’ll have—as one of our Escort professionals are very impressive!

At California Escort Services, we emphasize quality companionship and time spent together. Our Agency has lucrative Escort job opportunities for an evening, day, week, month, or more – it all depends on the requirements of the client.

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Who Is California Escort Services? — The Premier Escort Company

California Escort Services is a high-end, online hiring agency based in Los Angeles, California that provides legitimate, professional, and lucrative escort job opportunities for eligible ladies in and around the Los Angeles area. We serve clients all throughout California.

For the past 25 years, we have been in the business of making high-end connections that bring together talented, qualified, and elegant ladies with professional, wealthy, and well-traveled clients who need companionship and entertainment, but don’t always have the time to look.

We understand this industry better than anyone else out there and do all the legwork for our esteemed clients. Since 1994, we have built a trusted, solid reputation in the adult entertainment industry in California.

If you’re looking to work with a professional Escort Agency that knows what they’re doing, and can help you advance in your Escort services career, you’ve come to the right place!

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How to Become an Escort in California

California Escort Services only hires professional, talented, and motivated ladies, aged 18 and over. You must have permission to work in the United States legally. We are looking for beautiful ladies who value fitness and present themselves with confidence, grace, and style.

Our team has decades of experience in helping ladies just like you to get started and providing a safe place to begin. We’ll put you through the paces of how to make a good impression on a first date, conversation topics to avoid, how to dress to impress, and all that’s needed to launch you on your journey to becoming a successful Escort.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t yet have the experience. We will work with you from day one to polish you into the diamond that you were destined to be! All we need from you is the commitment, professionalism, and a good work ethic to get you launched into a lucrative career. Most of our professional Escorts have become incredibly successful and now count as some of the most sought-after ladies in L.A. and beyond.

As an ethical and professional Escort Agency, there are two requirements that are non-negotiable – legality and safety. That’s what makes us the most trusted Escort Agency in California, and what sets us apart from the competition.

We also value discretion; it is part of what has made us so successful over the years. So, if you’d rather keep your work with us out of the public eye, we will most definitely oblige.

Please note: It is better that you have a vehicle of your own as it makes getting to and from appointments much more manageable. However, not having a car is not necessarily a hindrance, as you can use one of the many shared taxi platforms like Uber or Lyft to get to and from a job.

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Everything You Should Know About How to Become an Escort

There is more to becoming an elite escort to upscale, well-traveled clients throughout California than providing companionship. Professional, graceful, and intelligent ladies curious about how to become an escort have come to the right place. California Escort Services has decades of experience providing high-class clients with sophisticated escorts who provide exceptional companionship and entertainment.

If you are considering a career as an escort with an agency of the highest caliber, here is everything you need to know.

Typical Qualifications of Professional Escorts

Any well-kept lady can look good on a gentleman’s arm, but it takes more than looks to be an elite professional companion to wealthy, high-profile clients. A successful lady companion in California is a woman of grace and class who knows how to make meaningful connections with clients of privilege. Here are other attributes of a prosperous escort.


Sophisticated clients often expect their lady companions to be visually stunning in a conventional way. As an escort, your image is vital to your success. Having classically beautiful features with smooth, glowing skin will undoubtedly help you succeed in this industry.

At California Escort Services, we cater to our clients’ preferences by employing beautiful women with various physical attributes. However, classically beautiful women who look amazing with and without makeup are the most sought-after escorts in California.


As an elite escort, your style must be impeccable, classy, and understated. While you can certainly show off your shape, you shouldn’t display your body uncovered or adorned in tasteless fashions.

It is good to have tailored garments in neutral tones in your wardrobe. Pencil skirts with below-the-knee hems, tailored blazers, blouses, and trousers are excellent options. No matter the fashions, they should always be tasteful and elegant.

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Entertaining clients is part of being an escort. Having the right looks and personality is not enough to create a lucrative career as a high-class escort.

California Escort Services clients seek entertaining companionship for many reasons. If you are a woman with abilities and talents, you are more intriguing than a lady who only has a beautiful face.

Talents can include dancing, cooking, singing, home decorating, tennis, and horseback riding. You could have intricate knowledge about a particular subject, like wines and spirits, which you could display during dinner or a winery tour.

Having talents makes you more in tune with your clients’ preferences and interests. You could bring value to the conversation by providing intelligent feedback on a topic well-known to you. Or, you could offer advice during conversations when asked.

While you don’t have to be an expert at everything, it helps to be well-rounded to perform your entertaining duties in any situation or environment.

Impressive Physique

A fit body and active lifestyle go with a classically beautiful facial structure. Successful escorts may have different heights, body shapes, and measurements, but they all must be in exceptional physical condition.

You can have the attractive androgynous look of a ballerina or a flattering hourglass shape. It doesn’t matter as long as you are as phenomenally fit as a working model, athlete, or actress. The best way to achieve the ideal physique naturally and safely is to eat a well-balanced diet and live an active lifestyle, whether you frequent a gym, work out at home, or play a sport.

Some escorts may improve their bodies with minor cosmetic surgeries or procedures that keep them looking fit, beautiful, and youthful. Cosmetic procedures are not required or frowned upon in our agency.


Having a formal education is a standard requirement among upper-class escorts. However, it is not the most desirable form of education many top-tier clients prefer. Having an organic education in life experiences is a more attractive trait.

Knowing how to appreciate and connect to art, opera, and theater is not something that can happen naturally by studying a textbook. Your experiences from traveling and engaging with people from various cultures and backgrounds can give you an education reflecting breeding and privilege. This knowledge is what elite clients expect from their companions.


As a top-tier escort, you should maintain a sense of kindness and dignity about yourself, even during unpleasant experiences. Compassion and empathy are also desirable because these qualities help you connect with high-caliber clients from various backgrounds. Natural and studied intelligence, a light-hearted sense of humor, and tolerance are other personality traits well-suited for this profession.

Independent Escort Services Vs. Escort Agency

If you are thinking of beginning your career as an escort in California, you have two options. You can become an independent escort or work with an escort agency.

Working independently in the escort industry appeals to many ladies. Working alone, there is no limit to how much you can earn and you keep 100% of your commissions. Independent escorts have a sense of freedom because they can choose who to accept as clients based on their personal and professional criteria.

Despite these benefits, independent escorts are not always as successful as women who choose to work with a reputable agency like California Escort Services. Though many agencies split commissions with their staff, ladies can rest assured that their company will take care of the grunt work that comes with escorting services.

For instance, solo escorts are responsible for their promotion, record-keeping, networking, and security checks on clients. Independent workers must also procure clients, often without professional assistance.

Conversely, escort agencies handle everything, from protecting their staff to obtaining clients to running promotions. As an escort partnering with a reliable agency with a robust vetting process, you can be confident that your clients are legitimate, high-end, and worth your time.

Many ladies opt for the benefits of working with an agency that does the hard work for their escorts. To them, working with an agency far outweighs working alone and unprotected.

What to Know Before Seeking an Escort Job

Escorts are part of a widely misunderstood industry. People tend to have assumptions and misconceptions about this career choice because some companies and individuals dabble in illegalities. California Escort Services does not work this way.

Our mission is to satisfy our wealthy, high-end clients with stunning, well-rounded ladies who offer companionship and entertainment. Our job opportunities are professional, legitimate, and profitable.

Below are several facts you should know if you want to become an escort.

It Can Be a Lucrative Business

Some ladies consider escorting a way of earning extra money outside of a typical 9 to 5 job. Others want to escort to get quick cash for day-to-day expenses. Nonetheless, becoming an escort could be a high-earning career instead of a side hustle.

Like any job, getting the most out of your experience as an elegant escort providing companionship throughout California and beyond requires hard work. You will need to invest in yourself—your appearance, conversational skills, talents, etc.—and provide the satisfaction your clients want, within reason.

Partnering with California Escort Services puts you in the best position to make high-end connections with people who will pay the highest fees for spending time with you on multiple occasions. If you come into the industry with a career mindset, you can earn an impressive living.

Your Appearance Will Play a Significant Role in Your Work

Some professions don’t require workers to always look their best. Escorting isn’t one of them. As a lovely escort to high-profile clients, your appearance is part of what makes you bankable.

There is no rule that a prosperous escort has to be physically perfect with a modelesque physique, a beautiful bright smile, and an enviable wardrobe. However, many high-end clients of the escort business put a high value on “traditional beauty standards,” including flawless skin, a mainstream hairstyle, and an impeccable sense of style. It will benefit you to invest in your physical appearance to fit the image many clients seek.

Having a Healthy Work/Life Balance With Clients Is Essential for Your Success

An escort job is not for everyone, but some ladies are personable with many gifts and talents that make them ideal companions. An unfortunate consequence of being good at the job is that some clients may confuse paid companionship of superior quality with being in love.

As you learn how to become an escort, one of the most valuable skills you should develop is separating the heart from the mind. Your job is to provide the best companionship to every client, but that does not mean you should act as though you are part of a real-life relationship. Finding the balance between real life and work can be challenging, but it will help you be successful long-term.

The Industry Is Highly Competitive

It is no secret that the competition for escorts in California is fierce. The state has many agencies and independent escorts vying for attention.

What sets California Escort Services apart from other agencies is our ability to find and hire elite ladies who know how to show top-class clients the most fun that California has to offer. We specialize in making high-value connections with beautiful and talented ladies over 18 years of age who meet our qualifications to entertain and socialize with elite clients.

Our escorts are professional ladies with grace and confidence despite the industry's competitiveness. Regardless if you have experience as an escort, our team will work hard to polish your appearance, skills, and professionalism. We will help you become a top-tier escort in California.

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3 Tips for a Successful Career as a High-End Escort

1. Take Etiquette and Deportment Classes

At California Escort Services, we understand that not every lady has been afforded the same education and life experiences as some of our leading escorts. However, you can attend deportment and etiquette classes if you lack the privileged upbringing that many elite clients desire in their companions. Elocution classes will enhance your communication skills, allowing you to speak and write eloquently and professionally.

2. Take Care of Your Appearance

The most successful escorts in California look beautiful with and without makeup. Keep your complexion clear and glowy by eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. You should also find a skincare routine that works best for your skin type.

Furthermore, you should consider scheduling professional hair and makeup services. Apply the skills you glean from expert hair and makeup artists to your everyday routine. Take time to learn how to do fresh-faced and glamorous makeup along with several mainstream hairstyles that suit your face shape.

3. Take Classes to Expand Your World View and Talents

Since companionship and entertainment are part of being an escort to well-traveled and privileged clients, broadening your horizons is a good idea. The more well-rounded you are, the better you can connect with worldly clients who have different interests. No matter their background, all clients desire the best California experiences with a stunning lady by their side.

Being an escort can lead to many rich experiences, including art gallery openings, five-star dining, and yachting. Consider taking classes on the basics of art history, classical musicians, or languages. Skiing, tennis, horseback riding, and scuba diving lessons can promote you as an elegant escort to a classy client base.


Become an Escort With California Escort Services

Now that you know how to become an escort, complete your application with California Escort Services today. Our agency has over 25 years of experience connecting well-established, professional clients with beautiful, talented, and entertaining companions.

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