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Thank you for visiting California Escort Services, the best escort services in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. We specialize in listening to our clients, helping meet their specific needs and requests. Whether searching for a companion to a business meeting, a night in town, or something more adventurous, you can be sure that we at California Escort Services will be there to help you find that perfect match.

We make your stay in Beverly Hills more enjoyable. Our top escort services in Beverly Hills makes it easy for you to connect with the best escorts in town. These elite girls represent some of the best beauties the place can offer. All you need is to make that call and tell us what you want. Your date is just a phone call away.


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Meeting an elite Beverly Hills escort has never been easier. California Escort Services gives you the classiest, most stunning escorts in town. Enjoy our high-quality and best service you can never find on other agencies. We are your premium destination for the finest, high-class, elite models and escorts.

Give us a call to get information about the different services and learn more about our gorgeous escorts. We make the process simple. We accommodate your requests and connect you to the escort that best suits your need.

Get the best escorts that Beverly Hills, call us now to access the freshest, most exclusive collection of models and escorts only California Escort Services can offer.

Things to do with an Escort in Beverly Hills

Fun Night In

Visiting Los Angeles and searching for a great place to spend the night? Let us help you find the best rooms and hotels for an evening full of fun and entertainment. Beverly Hills is home to some of the best hotels in the area. Upscale places like The Beverly Hilton and The Beverly Hills Hotel to the Luxe Rodeo Drive are located at the heart of Beverly Hills.

Let our premium escorts give you that girlfriend experience you've always wanted. Spending the night with someone who could provide you with that special attention makes it a more personal experience. Our girls are not merely sweet companions. These consummate professionals can carry a conversation during dinner while bringing the heat when it’s time to turn up the fun.

There’s never a dull moment spent with one of our escorts. They can set the mood or meet your preferences. Make your night a truly unforgettable experience with our escorts.

Fun Night Out

Beverly Hills simply has some of the best night spots in California. Take advantage of Beverly Hills simply has some of the best nightspots in California. Take advantage of what this city has to offer with some of the best escorts this side of the town offers. There are no shortages of restaurants and clubs to choose from.

Select from our wide selection of top-class models and enjoy the evening. These places are the best spots to rendezvous with your elite courtesan. Dinner at the Belvedere or get your fix of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine at the Matsuhisa Restaurant.

Beverly Hills offers you several options for fun with your date. These include local pubs to classy clubs, to some of the hippest, most-happening nightclubs in the country. You can check the scene at the Metropolitan Nightclub or dance the night away at Club Hop LA. Whether checking out the dancefloor or just simply passing the time away enjoying a conversation, California Escort Services is your top choice.

Discreet High-Class Entertainment from Beverly Hills Escorts

Beverly Hills, CA, is an exciting, trendy place. If you’re in town, you might run into celebrities, socialites, and attractive people. Beverly Hills is only half as enjoyable if you’re alone.

When you choose California Escort Services for adult companionship, you’ll get an experience tailored to what you want. Turn your fantasies into realities in a city with a century-long tradition of making even the grandest dreams come true.

Our Beverly Hills escorts are ready to give you what you need. They know the nightlife and have the skills, charm, and personality to provide you with an incredible night out or an exhilarating night in.

What Kind of Beverly Hills Escorts Do You Want?

Our clientele at California Escort Services seeks out our varied and full services for many reasons. Some want friendship in a fast-moving town, making it hard to form long-term relationships. Others want romance and style.

Do you want witty banter and engaging conversation? Are you looking for passion? Whatever your needs are, let us meet them with sophistication, dedication, and the utmost discretion.

Luxurious Lady

Some of our clients want an experience that takes them out of their everyday reality. Beverly Hills is a luxurious, elegant, and magical place. An elite escort knows how to entice, tease, and arouse you. Let our talented Beverly Hills escorts heighten your experience with style, passion, and, above all, discretion.

Think back to the coolest, most stylish scenes in the movies. Were the cool characters chasing after women or trying to score? No. They were enjoying the high life with a beautiful lady beside them. Don’t spend time in Beverly Hills practicing pick-up lines and courting rejection. Live in the moment while it lasts. An unforgettable experience with a high-class model is just a phone call away.

Travel Partner

Visitors to Beverly Hills so often have busy lives and schedules to keep. So many people see the incredible sights on Rodeo Drive or Santa Monica Boulevard and think, “I wish I had someone to share this with.” The magic of Beverly Hills fades when you return to an empty hotel room.

Our experienced escorts in Beverly Hills will show you the sights of Beverly Hills, share your joy, and let you end your nights with warmth, passion, and companionship. If you want a type of relationship that doesn’t match our usual experiences, please talk with us. We will work with you and our models to find a way to accommodate your requests.

Night Club Date

Beverly Hills has some of the best nightspots in America, if not the world. Why waste your time searching for someone to share the nightlife when California Escort Services can provide you with a companion that matches your personality, your party style, and your idea of a dream date.

Some people ask, “Why should I hire an escort when I can just pick someone up at the club?” That depends on why you’re there in the first place. Are you there to show off your “game” to strangers, or are you there to have a genuinely good time?

Night clubs are great places to unwind and enjoy spending time with your date, but they aren’t always the best places to pick up dates. It’s hard to talk over the music and showing up alone to a nightclub marks you as unpopular from the outset. Bring a Beverly Hills escort and avoid all the awkwardness. Make new friends with the confidence that comes from having a partner.

Cuddle Buddy

Every big city can seem impersonal and cold. Don’t let loneliness and a need for physical attention distract you from the wonders that Beverly Hills has to offer. Our affectionate Beverly Hills escorts will make your time in Beverly Hills special. They are attentive, compassionate, sensual, and stunning.

Society tells us that the only people who deserve warmth and affection are the ones who are at a time in their life when they are ready for a long-term commitment, children, and all the hassles and strife that come with sharing a life. Many of our clients are happy living alone but don’t want to feel lonely. A cuddle buddy from California Escort Services is the perfect solution.

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How to Arrange Your Beverly Hills Date

We care about the safety and work environment of our Beverly Hills escorts as well as our clients. That is why we take the time to understand you and your needs so that we can match you to an escort that is a suitable companion.

We ask that our clients make appointments in advance so that we can find a time when the escort you want is available for booking. Some bookings, particularly bookings for a travel partner, might require more advance notice so that we can coordinate your Beverly Hills travel itinerary with the availability of our escorts.

Remember that paid escorts have a life and other obligations outside of their work with California Escort Services. We expect our high-class clients to understand if a particular escort is not available at a specific time or day.

We base our business on a bond of mutual respect and discretion. We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to your excitement, pleasure, and fulfillment. In return, we expect that you respect and support the need for our models to have safe working conditions and a respectful working environment.

Top 5 Destinations in the Area

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is a must-see tourist attraction in Beverly Hills, steeped in luxury and home to Beverly Hills’s most prestigious people and businesses. From shopping at Two Rodeo Drive to famed restaurants, the trendiest nightclubs, iconic bookstores, and celebrity homes, you’ll never get bored exploring this area.

Amidst all that history and glamor, most people would feel intimidated, but not you. With your refined, elite escort at your side, you’ll look and feel natural in high-class surroundings. Enjoy the best Beverly Hills has to offer and feel great doing it.

Santa Monica Boulevard

Santa Monica Boulevard is the main thoroughfare through Beverly Hills, connecting it to Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and other famous towns. Along Santa Monica Boulevard, you’ll find the famed Beverly Hotel, The Buena Vista Cigar Club, and more. Take the boulevard just a few miles for the excitement of West Hollywood or the relaxed seaside atmosphere of the Santa Monica Pier.

None of these sights and establishments would be quite the same without someone by your side. Take a Ferrari tour or rent a muscle car and see the wind blow through the hair of your stunning escort from California Escort Services. Beverly Hills escorts know the area. Let them show you where to shop, dine, party, and relax, and you’ll be glad that you did.

Beverly Gardens

Sometimes the best way to appreciate beauty is to surround yourself with it. Beverly Gardens is the place to go for natural greenery. Whether you’re an expert in plant life or just want a quiet place for long romantic walks, like in the movies, Beverly Gardens is the place.

Did you know that a romantic scene in the movie “Clueless” took place at the fountain in Beverly Gardens? Even if you visiting Beverly Hills solo, you can bring a beautiful woman with you to Beverly Gardens, and can still experience all those romantic sights, sounds, and feelings with a Beverly Hills escort by your side.

Franklin Canyon Park

If the natural beauty of the parks around Beverly Hills seems like something out of the movies, there’s a reason. The park has long been the backdrop of iconic movies and television shows. For those of you who like the outdoor experience and want someone to share it with, Franklin Canyon Park is a fantastic location, and California Escort Services can provide the perfect companion for long walks and quiet evenings.

The Stargazing Spots

Sometimes it’s not what you see but who you see that matters. Stargazing or celebrity-hunting is a destination in and of itself in Beverly Hills. Hobnob with the rich and famous at the Beverly Hotel or catch an exquisite meal among the stars at The Ivy. If you’re up for steak, try the iconic Mastro’s steakhouse.

If you do see a celebrity, maybe you’ll catch their eye, too, because you’re arm-in-arm with someone witty and beautiful. Our experienced Beverly Hills escorts can navigate the high-class social scene. Let them open the door to a new level of VIP entertainment and give you a taste of the glitzy Hollywood elite.


Why Are Our Escorts the Best in Beverly Hills?

Our escorts have many qualities that make our Beverly Hills escorts stand out. As we don’t accept just any client, we are equally selective when hiring our escorts. We make it a point not to simply match you with any available partners. We draw upon what we know about you and our Beverly Hills escorts to find a perfect match.

We Select Only the Best

We screen every one of our escorts to make sure that they have the temperament, skills, and composure to meet the expectation of our customers. They have earned their place at California Escort Services through their work ethic, talent, interpersonal skills, and dedication to providing first-class experiences to our clients.

A Bond of Mutual Respect

Perhaps the most important reason that our escorts are the best is you, the refined and respectful client who has the class to enjoy fine dining, a trendy restaurant, or a romantic evening with one of our models. Our models can work at their best because our clients respect them as a professional worker.

Professionalism and Empathy

If you are a professional, it matters that people value the job that you do. At California Escort Services, we treat our models like the professionals they are and give them the tools and experience to meet your needs. That means more than just physical attractiveness. Our Beverly Hills escorts have the emotional intelligence and insight to understand what you need at a deeper level.

Take Charge of Your Fantasy

Any escort service can offer you a generic good time, or a moment of pleasure, but California Escort Services goes further. We put you in the director’s seat, cast you in the leading role, and connect you with the star-quality talent needed to take that fantasy one step further.

At California Escort Services, we understand that fantasy isn’t a substitute for reality. Fantasy has the power to captivate and inspire us, and fantasy has the ability to change lives. How will it change you when you choose to unleash the fantasy within you? What will you discover?

Don’t spend your life bottling up your hopes and dreams. Let yourself truly live with a night of perfection, courtesy of California Escort Services. Make memories that will last a lifetime, even if you keep them to yourself. Explore your wildest dreams. You can count on our discretion.

Enjoy a Night Out or a Night in with California Escort Services

When you’re ready to try our elite escort services at California Escort Services, call one of our courteous customer service representatives at our toll-free number, 310-844-7706. We’ll get to know more about you and help you to envision the perfect date, party, or companionship experience. Then, once we understand what you want, our Beverly Hills escorts will make your dreams come true.

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