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California Escort Services is the most trusted and experienced escort service in the United States. We have the most discreet, customized, and eclectic services available. Our girls have worked with clients who have a variety of interests and are capable of spending amazing quality time with you.


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Enjoy the simplicity our escort service provides: quality, client-focused escorts in the Calabasas area, matched perfectly to your desires. Our goal is to meet your needs with as much ease as possible. Call the number above and speak to one of our representatives about the experiences you’re looking for and the kind of girl you’d like to have them with. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with a multitude of things to do in the Calabasas area, where to do them, who to do them with, and the simplest procedure for making it all happen. We’re ready to walk with you throughout the entire process to ensure you have the easiest, most pleasant, and catered experience possible.

Things To Do With a Local Calabasas Escort

A Fun Night In

After a long day out, sometimes you just need a night in. Our girls are ready to spend time with you in a cozy, intimate setting. They’re ready to chat the night away or provide you with tailored experiences you won’t get anywhere else. Our girls are professional, accommodating, and more than willing to share an unforgettable night in with you.

Not sure what kind of model you’d like to spend time with? No problem. We can talk with you about your preferences and the kind of experiences you’re looking for, and match you to your perfect date. Our girls are exactly who you want them to be, whenever you want them to be.

A Fun Night Out

Looking to get the most out of Calabasas, but aren’t sure where to begin? Tell us a little about what you like, and our escorts will know exactly where to go and what to do to have the most fun. Cruise the highest heights and hug the winding turns of Mulholland Drive. Revel in the eccentricities of the Rabbit Hole or dine in the fresh atmosphere of the Sagebrush Cantina. Prefer a slower evening on the town? Take a walk through Malibu Creek State Park or visit the stunning Hindu Temple. History fan? You and your date can visit the famed Leonis Adobe Museum, a mansion rich with history and, if the legends are true, the restless ghost of Leonis himself.

If none of that fits your style, your date knows what will. Over the course of the evening, our girls know our clients well enough that they can provide exactly what you need to create an experience you’ll never forget. We guarantee it.

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Calabasas Escorts

Have you considered spending some time with our classy Calabasas escorts as you relax in the area? While meeting with an escort is always a great experience, there are some things to consider. For example, etiquette is always crucial in curating an experience that can affect the rest of the date.

California Escort Services is happy to share other essentials to consider before booking a Calabasas escort’s professional services, including some of the areas discussed below. Calabasas is a unique area with a distinct culture and atmosphere that can be exciting to explore.

If you want an expert guide who makes your experience much more enjoyable and shows you all the most memorable locations along the way, consider exploring Calabasas with one of our escorts. Whether you are on a business trip or hard-earned personal vacation, taking in new sites with someone else is always more fun. Why not enjoy excellent companionship from an expert guide on your tour of River City?

How To Prepare For a Date in Calasabas


Escorted dates are like regular ones, so we encourage you to relax and enjoy them. It is easy to approach it the way you usually would, even if you already have a pre-date routine that you prefer to follow. If you would like to try something different or refresh your memory after a long break from dating, keep the basics below in mind for future reference.

Prioritize Hygiene

The first thing most people notice when meeting someone new is their standard of personal hygiene and style. While it is essential to shower beforehand, good hygiene extends well beyond just bathing. For example, a clean shave and pleasant cologne could help you make a positive first impression from the very first moment.

Choosing a cologne that matches your personality can be another great way to put your best foot forward. Smelling and looking like you care shows that you are putting effort into the date going well, ensuring both you and your expert enjoy your time together to the fullest. The input makes an excellent impression on our lovely models and sets the tone for the interaction.

One final consideration is to trim your nails and hair to finish off the impression you want to create on the girl you intend to spend time with in Calabasas. It could make you feel more confident about your time with our Calabasas escorts. It will also allow you to express yourself and the unique attributes of your personality more effectively.

Dress for Success

A man's clothes don't make him, but they can certainly make him feel more prepared for an upcoming event. If you choose the right outfit for the meeting with your escort, you will convey your preferred sense of style and make a lasting impression on the lovely lady. Wear clothes that show you are invested in the experience and prove that you want the date to go well. 

It is also important to think about what you plan to do on your date as you select a suitable outfit. What activities or destinations do you have on the agenda? These items could significantly impact what you choose to wear.

For example, an elegant suit may be appropriate for an upscale restaurant or club, but you may want more comfortable attire outdoors. Accessories also add an elegant touch to your chosen style, whether it is a classy watch or a daring pocket square. Whatever you choose, do not forget to let your personality shine through by adding a touch of your favorite color or style to your ensemble. 

Use the date to showcase your sense of style and personality, and enjoy yourself. It does not have to be an outrageous look, though—a simple scarf or hat may be enough to frame the image you want to portray to your companion.

Budget Time Together

It is understandable that getting ready for some time out with a beautiful girl can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways to make things easier. For instance, punctuality always makes a positive impression on the person you are meeting, including professional Calabasas escorts. Arrive on time for your appointment and demonstrate to your date that you truly care about their time and experience.

Other people always appreciate the effort you put into interacting with them. Your Calabasas escort will surely appreciate that you value her time enough to show up promptly and carry a cohesive plan for your time together. Creating a positive atmosphere can really pay off as the connection progresses, so be mindful of this goal as you plan your appointment.

This rule applies to the end of your time together as well. Do not demand more time as the appointment ends, as avoiding disagreements at the end of the meeting ensures happy memories and an opening for further dates. Lay out the plans for the night, and then let this strategy help you relax and enjoy every moment of the experience.

How To Ensure Your Date Goes Well

The goal of a date is to enjoy your time with a lovely girl and have a fantastic time getting to know her better. Our escorts strive to ensure that everything goes smoothly, but there are a few things you could do to maintain the momentum. Why not consider the following strategies to make it a more pleasant experience for both of you?

Plan Your Evening

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit with your escort in Calabasas, and you have the freedom to decide how you would like to spend a date ahead of time. Carve time in the schedule, and make reservations in advance. It makes any date more enjoyable, whether you are staying in for an evening of relaxation or going out for some entertainment in Sactown. 

Making plans in advance also eases the nerves once the date starts and gives you something to anticipate in the weeks leading up to the meeting. Punctuality and some planning are also ways to show consideration for the escort’s time and help her enjoy herself, which makes an excellent impression.

Proper Etiquette

The second consideration is an interpersonal rule: you can influence the outcome of any interaction by the way you act and treat the other person. Are you going on a date with one of our gorgeous Calabasas escorts? Consider the behavior and approach you want to take beforehand. 

Basic etiquette includes table manners, personal hygiene, and prompt arrival, but it also extends to the art of conversation. For example, we recommend avoiding inappropriate topics and being considerate when spending time with one of our stunning independent escorts.

Avoid Inappropriate Topics

While our beautiful escorts are always happy to chat with you and get to know you, there are a few topics that may be inappropriate for a fun, lighthearted occasion. Some issues are challenging or make a lady feel uncomfortable or unsafe. So, it is important to be conscious of what you say and avoid some sensitive topics just in case. 

Privacy and discretion are good examples of topics to avoid. Despite our escorts' utmost discretion, avoiding personal discussions can make a date’s proceedings more comfortable for both of you. Rather, share hobbies and interests to warm up the conversation and establish a connection without too many questions or sharing too much personal information.

Questions about the escort's experience in the field are another thing to avoid. Your companion may end the appointment early with the mention of negative or traumatic experiences that ruin the mood. Rather, keep the conversation light so that you can have a fantastic time with someone who is interesting, lovely, and wants to know you better.

Always Be Considerate

While you are paying for their services, it is essential to be considerate of your escort throughout the time together. Avoid making critical remarks that dampen the atmosphere; commentary on appearance, age, or profession can set the interaction on the wrong track. Instead, put yourself in the position of the escort and how it might feel hearing the same thing said about you.

Helpful Tips

There are still a few items to cover before you meet with one of the beautiful Calsabas escorts from California Escort Services. You can use these tips to enhance any interaction, so do not be afraid to apply these ideas to other areas of your life in general.

In addition to the basics above, enjoying time with our Calabasas escorts can be even better with a few tips from the experts at California Escort Services. Following these tips can ensure that you and your date have a good time together. You may even want to apply these principles to interactions that happen in day-to-day life.

Put the Screens Away

Staying connected through technology is part of life, and mobile phones and other smart devices have become essential to our daily routine. However, while staying in touch with friends and family and being able to monitor businesses on the go is helpful, it can prove distracting. Occasionally checking a device during a date is entirely understandable, but extended periods of looking at or talking on phones can be intrusive during one-on-one time with someone. 

Fully engaging in eye contact, listening, and conversation shows that you are interested in the person next to you, which helps you connect faster with your escort. Avoid distractions, and see how putting yourself fully in the moment can make everything more enjoyable. It is best to keep any phones in your pocket so that you can spend time with your date and remember each moment.

Be In the Moment

Life can be stressful at times, but a night with a beautiful soul allows you to set things aside and relax. We recommend that you make the most of the date by resting, relaxing, and enjoying the finer things in life. It can dramatically improve a person’s mental health to take a single night off and put work and life problems aside for a while.

Did you know that many of our female escorts can provide body rubs, massages, and other luxurious experiences designed to relieve stress? We cannot solve these problems, but we can help you to relax and feel more ready to face them when you return to your daily routine. We all deserve a break. 

At California Escort Services, part of our talent is to help clients completely disconnect from the pressures of everyday life. We masterfully create a unique situation that can make this possible for you, whether it involves exploring the streets of Calabasas or enjoying your favorite dessert with a gorgeous woman on your arm.

Be Attentive

Are you a good listener on a date? It is no different when enjoying time with one of our stunning Calabasas escorts. Learn more about their interests and personality, and build a stronger connection.

Engaging in pleasant conversation makes everyone feel good. Being attentive to the needs of the other person also tends to make things go smoothly throughout the rest of the date.

Go With the Flow

What is the most important thing to remember as the date kicks off? Allow things to unfold naturally.  Our Calabasas models know how to make your time together special, no matter what expectations there are for the course of events. Relax, avoid being overbearing or demanding, and allow things to develop organically.

Be Yourself!

The etiquette above is important, but it is just as important to enjoy yourself in the way that feels most comfortable for you. Make the most of the opportunity to spend time with a gorgeous individual who wants to know about you without judgment. Embrace that acceptance and express yourself; it might just help you to create one of the most memorable experiences of your life!


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