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When you call the number above, just let us know what you’re looking for, where you’re located, and when you’d like to meet her. We’ve got the model you’re looking for, and we’re ready to make a date for you tonight! Our representatives are careful, discreet, and are experts in providing our clients with a safe and wonderful time experiencing all that Laguna Beach has to offer. Stop worrying about how to find that special someone. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, you focus on relaxing.

So Much to Do, So Little Time…

A Fun Night In

Night has arrived, and it’s time to settle into more quiet, intimate settings. You won’t find a better place to enjoy each other’s company than at the Rooftop Lounge. Considered the best place to view the unbelievable sunsets California has to offer, this bar is located atop La Casa del Camino hotel. Featuring some of the best mojitos around, there’s no doubt you and your date can have the perfect close to a perfect date at this locale.

Not intimate enough for you? Try out Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa. This is a tucked-away hotel that features a fantastic restaurant specializing in Mediterranean small plates. Enjoy their excellent cuisine right there in their lobby, pool-side, or even relaxing with unbeatable room-service.

A Fun Night Out

Enjoy a private walk along the Thousand Steps Beach, an exotic paradise of trees and thick vines that will form a romantic, otherworldly canopy over you as you descend gentle steps towards the beach. Still hungry for nature? Be sure to visit Crystal Cove State Park, a wild and unbelievably idyllic stretch of beach waiting for just the two of you. Dotted with gentle hills, caves, and secluded beaches, once at Crystal Cove, you’ll think you stepped into an ancient era of untamed wilderness.

Feeling social? Want to show-off your date in style? Head over to 15FiftyFive, a lively bar and lounge with luxuriant sofas, fireside seating, and the best cocktails under the stars that money can buy. Looking for more substantial dining? Splashes Restaurant might be just what you need. This classy establishment has brilliant seaside dining, private tables, outstanding seafood cuisine, and is located conveniently within the Sand & Surf Resort

Want a more casual dining experience? Look no further than The Deck on Laguna Beach. A lively, festive restaurant with delicious seafood dishes, wonderful cocktails, and seating right there on the beach. This is one of the premier locations in Laguna Beach for on-the-beach dining.