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A Fun Night In

A hearty night out deserves an equally lavish night in. The Offshore 9 Rooftop Lounge is an excellent venue for relaxing after an evening of adventure in Newport Beach. This lounge is located on the 9th floor rooftop of the Waterfront Resort. It offers superb dining, tapas, wonderful cocktails, and an astonishing view of the Pacific Ocean that, as the sun goes down, sets fire to the distant, shadowy rises of Saint Catalina Island.

If rooftop dining isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like a quieter, more intimate setting. The Lido Tasting Room might be just what you’re looking for. Featuring a fine assortment of wines, a cozy atmosphere, and charcuterie for light snacking while you drink, a trip to the Lido Tasting Room might be just what you need to round off an exciting night.

A Fun Night Out

There’s nothing better than the perfect date with the perfect girl. Now that you’ve got the girl, what next? California Escort Services excels at providing you and your date with an unlimited number of choices to guarantee an unforgettable time. Check out the Blue Beet, a blues, jazz, and rock club with live music every night and the best martinis in town.

If you’re looking for a fantastic nightclub, visit the EnVy Lounge, a classy nightclub with a new DJ every night, a lively dancefloor, unbeatable cocktails, and an extensive selection of craft mircrobrews. Not what you wanted? Head over to the Legacy. This incredible nightclub features minimalist interior architecture contrasted by chic decorations and an extensive variety of spirits and cocktails. They’ve even got an outdoor bar if you’d like to drink under the stars.