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San Jose Escort Services has the best female escorts in the entire city, and to meet up with one doesn’t need to be a hassle. You don’t need to go to our physical location; it only takes a phone call. We will provide you with the perfect escort anywhere in San Jose and the nearby areas.

Whether you find yourself in San Jose on business or vacation, there is no need for you to be there alone. Connecting with premiere San Jose escorts could not be simpler. Just call us and tell us what you are looking for in an escort and when you would like to meet one. We will match you with one of our exclusive escorts, and we will be available for you if you need us for any reason.

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Escort Services San Jose

As the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is rapidly becoming the cultural and economic center of North California. Home to some of the most affluent people and businesses in the country, it's a hot spot for business people and travelers alike.

Regardless of whether you're in San Jose for business or pleasure, you can always add a bit of mystery and excitement by hiring a companion for the day. Our San Jose escorts know the city intimately and will be more than happy to show you everything San Jose has to offer. From short dinner dates to expansive week-long getaways, our companions are always up for an adventure.

Our escorts provide the perfect complement to your San Jose stay. Intelligent, charming, and adventurous, you'll find that we have a companion perfect for every situation. We offer a wide variety of escorts, all of whom are happy to meet your every need.

Matchmaking is an integral part of our service, and our customer service team will get to know you and your needs before introducing you to one of our unique escorts. You can rest assured that your perfectly-paired partner will be able to predict and meet your every desire.

Experience San Jose Like Never Before

Rapidly outpacing San Francisco as the cultural hub of North California, San Jose can become overwhelming to visitors and residents alike. Having a companion by your side ensures that you can relax and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and experiences San Jose has to offer without lifting a finger.

Stay in

Many visitors to San Jose come with business in mind, which can be exhausting for both body and soul. If you don't feel like spending the night out, let our escort come to you instead. She'll be ready to lend a compassionate ear and help you relax and unwind. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation, or vent about your day, she'll be there, anticipating your every need.

Our companions are experts at reading body language, allowing them to identify your desires before you're aware of them. By adapting to shifting needs, our professionals will ensure that you get exactly what you need, when you need it, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next day.

Venture out

Our escorts are more than happy to join you if you prefer something active. From hitting up the latest nightclubs to spending the day in the mountains, our knowledgeable escorts will be able to guide you from one unique experience to another.

To provide you with the best experience possible, our customer service team can plan your entire stay, from hotel bookings to tailored lists of activities you may enjoy. So sit back and let us show you a side of San Jose you've never seen before.

What We Offer

San Jose Escort Services matches you with a professional, beautiful, and intelligent woman who suits your desires. Our escort service is the best in the Bay Area because we offer high-class companions that other escort services cannot beat. Whether business, travel, or pleasure brings you to San Jose- we will match you with the perfect woman for your trip.

Have a memorable experience with one of our high-quality San Jose female escorts. We only work with the most loving, warm, and intelligent women. Share a delicious meal and an incredible night with a beautiful model or working actress in San Jose. Not only are our San Jose escorts beautiful, but educated and career-minded as well. They look forward to getting to know you just as much as you do them!

San Jose Escort Services has the perfect girl for you if you want to have a cozy night in or decide to explore the Bay Area and all its offerings. We pride ourselves on our discretion and high standards for our escorts and clients alike. Contact us today to find the perfect companion for a dinner date or your next luxury vacation.

Call San Jose Escort Services today at 310-844-7706 to find the perfect travel companion for your upcoming trip.

Travel Companion

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from San Jose are many romantic getaways to explore with your evening companion. Whether you want a daring adventure partner or just someone to relax with by the pool, San Jose Escort Services has the perfect match for you. While the Bay Area is an international business hub, it is also a place of beauty and entertainment.

There are dozens of beautiful hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, and nature parks within driving distance from San Jose. While San Jose is the perfect city to explore with your companion, a weekend getaway to a nearby destination can be the ideal romantic setting to get to know each other better.

If you decide to explore outside of the city, there are many places we recommend, including these romantic destinations:

Napa Valley

Explore wine country with a beautiful woman by your side while enjoying delicious wines and food pairings for an evening of wonder in Napa. You can never go wrong drinking exquisite wine with an intriguing woman next to you. Napa is also known for its delicious food and beautiful scenery, making it the perfect blend of city and nature for the two of you.

Half Moon Bay

Just an hour east of San Jose lies Half Moon Bay. It is a cozy town filled with quaint coffee shops, restaurants, and quiet beaches. Enjoy fresh seafood by the beach or check out one of the local breweries in town. Watch the surfers catch their final waves as you track the sunset over the beach. Half Moon Bay is the perfect getaway for an afternoon if you still wish to stay in San Jose, as the drive is scenic and not far.

San Francisco

Should you decide to get out of San Jose, head north on Highway 101 to the oceanside city of San Francisco and explore the bay together. Enjoy a romantic walk on Barker Beach in front of the Golden Gate Bridge or visit the seals on the piers downtown. Get lost in Chinatown and explore the culture and fantastic food with your beautiful companion.

San Francisco is the perfect destination to get to know each other, as there is more than enough to do together. From fine dining and sightseeing to exploring nature parks, San Francisco is the perfect playground for the two of you to explore. San Francisco is only a short drive north of San Jose if you decide to take a day trip together. There are hundreds of high-end hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from should you choose to make it an overnight trip.

Paso Robles

If beaches aren't your thing, head three hours south to Paso Robles. Known for its beautiful rolling hills, Paso Robles has some of California's best wine vineyards and orchards. For a relaxing evening, check out the beautiful hot springs of Paso Robles to unwind after a day of exploring the town. Paso Robles also hosts a beautiful conservation zoo for rescued wildlife and makes for the perfect afternoon excursion.


A little over an hour outside of San Jose is Carmel-by-the-Sea, which sits on the southernmost tip of the Monterey peninsula. Carmel-by-the-Sea hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in Northern California and makes for the perfect weekend getaway. Carmel is also home to many prestigious art galleries that can spark deep conversations to help you and your companion connect on a deeper level.

King’s Beach

If you do not mind a mini road trip with your premier escort, venture four hours north of San Jose to idyllic Lake Tahoe. King's Beach is on Lake Tahoe's northern shore and houses beautiful scenery and a great nightlife scene. Relax on the beach and follow up with a day at a luxury spa and dinner at an upscale restaurant to end your romantic evening. Lake Tahoe has many resort-style hotels to help you enjoy your stay together even more.

Mill Valley

Just north of San Francisco lies Mill Valley at the edge of the Muir Woods National Monument, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Downtown Mill Valley is known for its local artists and craftsman and delicious cuisines for you both to enjoy. Take in the fresh air during a nature walk through the towering redwood trees as you get to know your companion.

San Simeon

Venture south about 200 miles on Highway 1 to the town of San Simeon and find yourself another beautiful pristine beach destination. San Simeon is a quaint town with a beautiful beach and fun-filled pier that the two of you can explore together. If you are adventurous, you can go to the nearby rookery to observe the elephant seals.

With an abundance of seaside bars and restaurants, the two of you won't go hungry. If you want to have a cultured night of history and art, the Hearst Castle is your destination. San Simeon is the perfect blend of nature, exquisite dining, and culture for you to share with her.

While it can be fun to explore the nearby attractions in the Bay Area, there are plenty of things to keep you both busy and entertained in San Jose.

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How it Works

Contact us today to get started—no need for you to meet us in person to set up your escort service. Discretion is important to us, and we value your privacy above all else. We understand that we must earn our clients' trust, and we look forward to being your trusted partner for all of your upcoming trips.

Our team will exceed your expectations by providing a multitude of services and making the perfect match with one of our premier escorts. We can accommodate your travel needs when most convenient for you, but we do not make last-minute appointments. Be sure to give us more than enough time to plan your experience with one of our San Jose Escorts.

Things to do in San Jose

The Bay Area, also known as Silicon Valley, hosts some of the most elite leisure activities in the country. Just south of San Francisco, you can explore all that San Jose has to offer. San Jose has just as many beautiful hiking trails and outdoor activities as it does high-end restaurants and luxury shopping centers. Your beautiful companion can be your liaison to the city and show you all of San Jose's hottest spots. Aside from the many upscale restaurants and bars, San Jose is a beautiful city with many gorgeous parks.

The Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose is a perfect place for an afternoon stroll if the two you need a place to spend some time before a dinner reservation. San Jose has a warm, temperate climate year-round, so outdoor activities are always a good idea. While your perfect companion knows San Jose inside and out, our team is ready to give you a personalized itinerary so you two can focus on each other.

Our team can create an entire itinerary for your stay in San Jose. We love our city and want our escort to show you the best time tailored to your interests. From hiking on a beautiful trail to luxury dining, San Jose has everything and more to offer for you to explore with one of our premier escorts.

Dinner Date

San Jose has an abundance of restaurants to choose from with a wide array of foods to enjoy with your perfect dinner date. Enjoy a fine dining experience or simply order room service. Either way, we guarantee both will be the experience of a lifetime with one of our girls.

If the two of you do decide to hit the town, Santana Row is the perfect spot for a night out, offering everything from breweries to elegant dining spots for two. It's also a great high-end shopping destination to buy a gift or two for your companion.


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Young, wild, and free–but classy. All of our escorts are unique in their own way with their passions and dreams. We only work with respectful and professional women who enjoy meeting like-minded individuals and gentlemen. Once our matchmaking team gets to know you, they will match you with your dream date.

Our escorts are beautiful and witty, but they are also compassionate and eager to try new experiences with you. With prestigious universities in the area, such as Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley, there are many highly educated women available. While there are many escort services in San Jose, none can compete with our high standards or provide you with such high-quality companions.

Hiring an escort from San Jose Escort Services is like hiring your private guide to the city with the benefit of her being a beautiful woman.

 Our service is elite, and we want every meeting to be of the highest quality for you. 

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Are you ready to meet the girl of your dreams for an enlightening evening of companionship and conversation? Call us today to begin the exciting process of matchmaking you with your perfect companion. Our service team can book your entire stay for you- if you desire to get out of town for a relaxing getaway or just share an evening with one of our escorts.

San Jose Escort Services can book hotels, dinner reservations, and travel for you and your companion. We can arrange the entire experience for you from start to finish. We make it as easy and as hassle-free as possible for our clients and escorts to enjoy each other's company.

We want to get to know you to ensure we can meet your desires by pairing you with your perfect match. We do not allow last-minute arrangements. If you know your travel days ahead of time, it is best to set up your experience at least 24 hours prior. This gives us ample time to match you with the most compatible woman properly.